Wikipedia: No paddy field in Chinese?

I just discovered, searching for the exact Chinese translation for the word “paddy field”, than nor my french=>chinese electronic dictionary (我爱法语(I love french) from Stardict) nor Wikipedia has a Chinese translation for this word. Even the Japanese that use in great part, Han Chinese characters (they call than 漢字 kanji meaning Han character, with the same writing than in old Chinese still in use in Taiwan/Hong-Kong/Macao/Singapour). But the link to Japanese is 田 (tián = field in Chinese). Something goes wrong with what feed most of Chinese and Japanese people.

In fact there are two translation :

* 稻田 dàotián, literally “rice field” (I just learned this form of rice character, there are several around this meaning)

* 水田 shuǐtián, literally “water field”, because paddy fields are often full of water.

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