Punk’s not dead

Sagesse et rage - Punk's not dead

Workshop work, improvisation on the theme wisdom and rage.

Dimension : ~100×80 (not sure)

Technic : Acrylic

Time : About 3h.


A good remix with the biggest hassole british primer sinister (equality with Tatcher), and biggest british serial killer & mass murderer of XXIst century : Tony le Blaireau should go far away with Bush, Sarko & Berlusconi, Guest star, Delanoë, DSK, Ben-Ali. A ce propos, rassemblement comme en Espagne, à Bastille tous les jours de 19h à 22h, et le dimanche à 14h.

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  1. Snupy:

    But they are old !

  2. Administrator:

    I corrected the wrongly wrote link.

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