MyPaint, graphic tablet & eeePC

français Il y a également une version en français de ce didacticiel.

english Today, I tried to use my EeePC with MyPaint & my Wacom Volito graphic tablet (A5 sized, A6 capture surface, less than 50€) in a library (warning, some laughed, looking at me ;) ), their compact size fit ideally with a book on a reader place :). both are flat and little enough to enter in my pocket (for the eeePC) and in a little bag with books (for the tablet), the bamboo that is the successor of the Volito could be a bit littler ??? All Wacom tablets are supported by Linux using open documentation from Wacom.

This give good results for a first test.

I use eeeXubuntu (7.10, gutsy gibbon), the Ubuntu/Debian package that is linked from official MyPaint website, and activated the wacom stylus support :

sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf

at the end of the file in

Section "ServerLayout"

uncomment (remove the #) at the begining of the line

# InputDevice "Stylus" "SendCoreEvents"

and save

restart X (by rebooting or other methods), the Wacom stylus will be managed (eraser few lines later is for the stylus eraser on more expansive tablets).

Here are the three quick sketchs inspired from graphics from books (titles are on pictures filenames):

paysages d'eau à l'acrylique.p23.jpgpaysages d'eau à l'acrylique.couv.jpgLes animaux au pastel.p17.jpg

Here is a screenshot of the interface in 800×480 eeePC screen.

Mypaint brushs on eeePC

The best method is to set the canvas & brush windows at full screen both and use alt+tab to go from one to another.

I often used G (for GTK+ color dialog, same key to close it) and R to pickup color on canvas.

create more optimized brush could be better ? I used only 3 or 4.

I made a screencast of the process (16MB and 16minutes ogg/Theora vidéo), inspirated by a photography book “Des bêtes et des hommes” (beats and mens) from Yann Arthus-Bertrand photograph. This is the final result (quick sketch, with lot of manipulation error, and stress of screencast ;):

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