Mypaint animation

A patch from Charbel Jacquin allow onion skinning function to mypaint, making it a really nice animation tool.

Patched git trunk sources (2010/03/05) (Update 2010/04/07):

Sources : mypaint-animation.0.8.2+git.tar.lzma (lzma/xz) or

mypaint-animation.0.8.2+git.7z (7zip).

Forum thread

demo (on Youtube). I made a copy of the Charbel Jacquin video (youtube channel) at another place for Chineses and Australians:

Keyboard Status Monitor (key-mon) is used for displaying key during video.

Installation (Debian/Ubuntu Linux):

sudo apt-get install g++ python-dev libglib2.0-dev python-numpy swig scons gettext python-protobuf protobuf-compiler cd mypaint-animation.0.8.2+git/ scons prefix=/opt/mypaint-animation install



You can replace /opt/mypaint-animation by /usr or /usr/local and it will by in the standard path. or you can select any installation prefix you want.

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  1. b.:

    Merci pour l’info, ça fonctionne sur ma ubuntu 9.10.

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