Free fonts and Linux

englishJust after the fork of Inkscape SVN-0.46 & SVN-0.47, the support for advanced SVG fonts management (already supported by Fontforge) was started. It’s also good to recall than a SVG print draft is in progress, and everyone is welcome to improve it.

Fontmatrix is a nice font manager with lot of informations about fonts, last SVN launched from a terminal, give font path and filename on the terminal (soon on the interface ;) ). It allow to activate/disactivate fonts in the fontconfig system for GNU/Linux.

Some other free software font tools and converter on the Fontforge project page.

Some other open source fontes.

GNU/Linux distributions already include lot of nice fonts as Déjà Vu fonts, here are some other international fonts (sometimes inlcuded in your distribution package manager):

Languagegeek contain some native North americans scripts fonts.

Omniglot contain lot of links to international fonts, here the Dongba Naxi fonts, I will make an article about them soon.Tthis is only one pictographic scripture used around the world today, from the Naxi minority of Tibet highland, in Mainland china.

Some good links about font management on GNU/Linux systems

Some presentations about font management on GNU/LInux

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