en:How-to do an illustration with Inkscape from A to Z.

  • To put down the layer, just use the menu Layer=>Lower layer.
  • Or to put at the bottom of the layer stack, on the menu : Layer=>Layer to bottom....

For the coloring, there are a lot of method, the 2 most used methodes are using calligraphic tool as a brush to fill colors, ot to fill big zone, selected with draw freehandfreehand tool (F6). It is a good to first fill with freehand large part, and add fine calligraphique painting touchs.

colored bier

For fast coloring of this drawing, I used the method I used in most cases until now :

  • Quickly drawing shape with draw freehand tool.
  • Modifying the color with Menu Object=>Fill and stroke…
  • Stroke paint tab : X (No paint)
  • Fill tab=>flat color, then choosing color on wheel/triangle.

I eventually made hole on this shape (as the hole of the hand) by :

  • drawing hole with draw freenhand tool
  • selecting it, then press SHIFT, and select the to cut shape (two shapes are then selected)
  • Menu Path=>Difference (CTRL+-)

The node can eventually be adjusted to have a more clean color shape. I prefer to keep a more natural one.

Et voilà ! There is only to export as bitmap for use everywhere as in this tutorial or to save in SVG(z) to have this.

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  1. cornelius:

    very good tutorial for illustration’s basics in Inkscape :)

  2. anj:

    Hey dude,

    Nice tutorial, thanks for doing this!


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