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杜先生 – Dù Xiānshēng

WebGL in practice

Version en français After a first article on WebGL, I come back on this topic for real usage. Use in dev version of WebGL on Fennec (mobile firefox), go in about:config, fiter webgl, switch webgl.force-enable to true On Linux plateform, no problem...
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Mypaint exponantial evolution

In few time, two forks of MyPaint has be done, one is about animation and will probably never be integrated in trunk, the other is called anime (the japanese word about animation), but is in a first time at least oriented to draw manga. Animation After...
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DSLR remote control on Linux-2 Entangle

After the preview post on DSLR remote capture on Linux with GTKam here a video of the same functionnailty, with the really good Entangle. Here (Ogg video). MP4 / OGV:

DSLR remote control on Linux-1 GTKam

français 中文 english Using Gtkam Gtkam allow remote control of various digital camera on Unix like systems (Linux, BSD, etc…) and liveview (tethered viewfinder) on some (most nikon DSLR and some canon one, old canon powershot pocket and...
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