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Mypaint exponantial evolution

In few time, two forks of MyPaint has be done, one is about animation and will probably never be integrated in trunk, the other is called anime (the japanese word about animation), but is in a first time at least oriented to draw manga. Animation After...
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Chaos in beautifull colour

After an exercise in painting workshop. This exercise was used by Picasso or Fragonard. Draw curved lines until a chaos appear. In this chaos see shapes and paint them to get them out. Technique : Mypaint & Wacom

Mypaint animation 2

I already wrote an article on an animation patch for Mypaint by Charbel Jacquin, and a very short try by mouse, there is now a specific branch with a new functionality (background layers/cellulos layers), that will be merged back in trunk as soon as...
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animation Mypaint – marche vive et porte

technics: Mypaint (+patch animation) + mouse + few minutes

Mypaint animation

A patch from Charbel Jacquin allow onion skinning function to mypaint, making it a really nice animation tool. Patched git trunk sources (2010/03/05) (Update 2010/04/07): Sources : mypaint-animation.0.8.2+git.tar.lzma (lzma/xz) or ...
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