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Gimp OpenRaster file plug-in

OraTools is for now a plug-in for Gimp that allow to Open and save the Create project OpenRaster format, default working file format of MyPaint. To install it, download tarball, unarchive it, and read the included README.txt.

palette managing tools with advanced features on web and GNU/Linux

Il y a aussi une version en français de cet article. I will try here to describe actual state of existing tools for advanced color palette management on GNU/Linux and via web interfaces. This is not about colorimetry but about color scheme and...
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Joyeux anniversaire, jolie vache

Cette année est l’année de la vache sur le calendrier chinois J’en profite pour passer un joyeux anniversaire. Technique : Dessin sur papier au critérium (le vrai, mine 2mm), mise en couleur numérique sous Gimp, en...
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gimp-2.5.3 really better downscale

the resize algorithmes with really improved in Gimp-2.5.3 particularly in lanczos Gimp-2.5.x NEWS Gimp-2.5.x screenshots

Wilber icone

I tried make (with gimp) )an icon for the GImp category of this blog that will use wordpress plugin category icons