pig animation

englishThe animatic was made with paper and pencil on lighting table.

The background is quick acrylic painting.

The whole is scanned/assembled with Gimp Animation Package (GAP), then the pig is coloried with gimp tools with GAP.

This was done in june 2007

capture de la vidéo de test du cochon

Click on the picture to download/view the animation (XviD format)


free and open source animation tools now works on Linux/Mac/Wine there is even an Ubuntu package on the Pencil site. I don’t understand everything (how to move object/camera/vector graphics ?), but it looks good and doesn’t crash ;). Graphic tablet pressure is well supported (even via X11 remote network display :) ).

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  1. pig:

    i do like ya desinged.

  2. Administrator:

    Pig: Akun !

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