Mypaint animation 2

我已经写一篇文章讨论Mypaint动画patch也作 一个小动画。现在有新git特别动画MyPaint术科特别动画术科。我希望不久跟我的新Wacom和Mypaint玩一玩儿。

新功能示范教学(Youtube) 本地抄件:


Debian based only (Debian, Ubuntu…):

sudo apt-get install g++ python-dev libglib2.0-dev python-numpy swig scons gettext python-protobuf protobuf-compiler

git clone git:// cd charbelinho-mypaint sudo scons install prefix=/opt/charbelinho-mypaint /opt/charbelinho-mypaint/bin/mypaint

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  1. Daniel:

    This looks great! I’m not a coder but the implementation of a timeline would be fantastic for this!

  2. samuele:

    Hello, thanks for the post. I wanted to ask help. I am new to linux and I have a problem installing the patch. Could you explain me the exact steps to install it.
    Thank you for your support.

  3. David:


    c’est super comme ajout, il y a juste un problème pour moi…je n’arrive pas à enregistrer les animations que je fais. Y a-t-il une manipulation de plus à faire ou est-ce simplement moi?

  4. sirgazil:


    I agree with Daniel but I think that it would be better to keep MyPaint as a painting tool, not as a painting and animation tool. But I\’d like to see an animation tool that uses MyPaint as a drawing engine because, personally, I don\’t like the drawing part of animations tools like pencil and Ktoon, for example.

  5. jordan:

    I noticed that this patch wasn\’t put into the master branch… is your branch up-to-date???

    I would really like to utilize this feature. Pencil development is pretty much dead (or it would seem), and i wanted animation software with great drawing tools, that works nicely with my tablet.

    It would seem that Mypaint + your patch = what i am looking for…

    maybe you should create a fork, Mypaint-animator and integrate a timeline, that would be awesome!

    anyways, i am going to compile your version and check it out.

    I hope you continue to expand this idea – it\’s a really good one!


  6. Administrator:

    This is not my patch, but, as I said, the patch from Charbel Jacquin, and no, the main developer of MyPaint, think, this is too intrusive patch, so it’s not in main branch. Anyway, you can use both the official release and this branch in a parallel folder, it doesn’t have all the benefits of the new version, but is already really nice.

  7. graham e:

    “Warning, if you have already installed debian package, you have to remove it, and install last version beside this one (following the same process) in /opt/mypaint-xxx, else you will not be able to save picture/animation because of /usr/lib priority.”

    Hi I wish you could tease this instruction out a bit. I can’t quite follow.
    Does ‘last version’ refers to animation version or deb package version?

    If I remove debian package now will saving start working in mypaint animation version?

    I am just a bit confused…

    Also my workaround is to save in open raster format (which seems to work fine), open the ora in deb packaged version of mypaint and save from there as multiple transparent png.

  8. pad:

    Hey all!

    What about MyPaint-Animation with MyPaint 0.9.X?

    Is the project still alive?

    Thanks for help…

  9. Administrator:

    It seems to be died, but still works as this git version can be downloaded until end of times.

    Perhaps this patch can be applied to later version, never tried in fact :).

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