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MyPaint coloring

Technic : draw with ballpen on paper + scan + gimp => copy/paste to mypaint, color by mypaint save as multiple png remiport in gimp for remix (with multiply mode for first layer) I wrote several functions to import/export layers as multiple png in...
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Multithread programming with Bash (and other shell), Sema4shell

Il y a également une version en français de cet article Most of today computer has got several core in their CPU, today I wanted to accelerate some hard computing tasks that are done in a monothread, by dispatching them on 4core computer (my atom330...
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Pencil and xcb_xlib_lock: Assertion `!c->xlib.lock’ failed.

After a try on Xubuntu (the light desktop XFCE version of Ubuntu) of Pencil Gnu GPL licensed animation software (for GNU/Linux, Mac OSX and clone of Wine including MS version called something like ixpi). , Pencil is a young but really good application...
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Quelques liens à propos de Ruby, des SVG et du multimedia

patch clip-path & mask bug – inkscape-0.44.1

J’ai pondu un patch qui corrige quelques bugs importants relatifs aux masques et chemin de découpe dans inkscape-0.44.1. Ces 2 attributs étaient perdus lors de simplification de chemin, lors de transformation d’objet en chemin Read more
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