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Nouvelles versions du blog

Ce blog a subit quelques modifications que vous n’aurez certainement pas noté : • L’ activation du https afin de protéger vos échange avec ce site de la branche armée de patiente d’un groupe erroriste international. • Une...
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Mypaint animation

A patch from Charbel Jacquin allow onion skinning function to mypaint, making it a really nice animation tool. Patched git trunk sources (2010/03/05) (Update 2010/04/07): Sources : mypaint-animation.0.8.2+git.tar.lzma (lzma/xz) or ...
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Gimp OpenRaster file plug-in

OraTools is for now a plug-in for Gimp that allow to Open and save the Create project OpenRaster format, default working file format of MyPaint. To install it, download tarball, unarchive it, and read the included README.txt.

MyPaint coloring

Technic : draw with ballpen on paper + scan + gimp => copy/paste to mypaint, color by mypaint save as multiple png remiport in gimp for remix (with multiply mode for first layer) I wrote several functions to import/export layers as multiple png in...
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Inkscape generator,database or spreedsheat /SVG relationship script

Inkscape Generator is a script allowing relationship between SVG and database or spreadsheet, using the CSV format., this can be usefull in lot of case : * mailing * badges * customized objects * content filling, like a magazine where the page...
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