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version en français WebGL is a 3d API for the Web based on OpenGL library. This is a W3C (managing web standard organisation) standard. Already existings applications are already wonderfull and show that web will quickly allow a better interactivity on...
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ARM Cortex A9 + Mali 400 = perfectly opensource

La solution opensource parfaite ARM Cortex A9 (très basse conso) + mali 400 (pilotes mesa libre dispos, crées par ARM) existe en plusieurs moutures : * ST-Ericsson U8500 et U9500 et les plateforme Igloo (Snowboard ~200€ TTC max d’ici juin...
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Internet without USA and corporate stranglehold

* P2P DNS : .p2p * Independant Certificat Authority : CAcert Debian, Ubuntu, etc… can install ca-certificates package (since 2009). * P2P search engine (avoid NSA information gathering on you) : Seeks and Public Seeks nodes * OpenStreetMap for...
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Buggy Firefox-3.6.x => less slow and more stable Firefox-4.0b

français english The main problem of firefox is in it’s management of content and interfaces that are on the same thread. There is actually an internal work to separate interface and pages content, so if a page consume too much resources, the tab...
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Wikileaks and Firefox (Fennec) for Android

Wikileaks for Android Fennec -4.0b3.apk (Android). as other fennec beta version for me, I can’t go to any other url que firefox one => trashcan