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补锅 Repair the cauldron

français 中文 english Repair the cauldron (补锅) is an Hunan province huāgǔxì (花鼓戏, flowers and drums opera) popular opera style. thus kind of opera is also widly spread in nearest provinces.

Hanggai – 杭盖乐队 – Хангай

Version française English version 中文译文 Hanggai (in mongolian cyrillic : Хангай) is a chinese group of mongolian origin of Beijing. They mix traditional mongol music (in mongole langage Morin khuur, overtone singing… electric guitar...
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Serendipity from China to Burkina Faso

I was on wikipedia uploading a picture taken in

杜先生 – Dù Xiānshēng

WebGL in practice

Version en français After a first article on WebGL, I come back on this topic for real usage. Use in dev version of WebGL on Fennec (mobile firefox), go in about:config, fiter webgl, switch webgl.force-enable to true On Linux plateform, no problem...
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