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Serendipity from China to Burkina Faso

I was on wikipedia uploading a picture taken in

Beijing 2009

Les constructions galopantes de Pékin sont bien connues. Ce que l’on dit moins, c’est que les constructions sont limitées en hauteur selon la zone. Dans le centre de Pékin, au milieu de ce qui pourrait être le premier périphérique, les...
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(Français) Mise en page, patrons, grilles et gabarits

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

Painting at Étretat

Last week-end at Étretat , There was a painting contest under the look of the city guards: The contest was followed by auction where for the first time I tried to sell on of my paintings and it was bought. I was happy that the buyers sharing...
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Texte illustré allemand – German illustrated text – 德国的绘本

. I just found a german text on the Gutenberg project, I like the style of the illustrations of 1906, and think about today comics-blog (I didn’t use translator yet for understand the text): here is a page example (that I reframed, sorry):